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Empowering Your Style Journey: Our Vision and Mission at Fashionable In Real Life

Hey girl hey!

Welcome to the Fashionable In Real Life family! We're here to spill the tea on what makes our brand tick – the heart and soul behind our vision and mission. Buckle up because it's all about celebrating your real-life experiences, embracing trends with a classic twist, and empowering you to own your unique style journey at every turn.

TLDR:  Fashionable In Real Life – where your style journey begins, and where the outfits you wear during your real-life experiences take center stage.

**GIRL?!: Who is “we”? 👀**

*Alicia Sneed: Chief Executive Officer*

As the founder and visionary, she oversees the brand's vision and strategies set to achieve it. She is a Wife, a mom of 4, a serial entrepreneur, and certified in Fashion Merchandising. She has made a significant impact in her community through pageants and grassroots program building. It has always been her dream to merchandise her own fashion brand. She cares deeply for environmental conservation, and sustainability.

*Tyrra Cornelius: Chief Fashion Officer*

As the co-founder, she curates and approves all fashion-related endeavors. She is on active duty in the U.S. Coast Guard and mother of 1. She has done runway modeling and has been a brand ambassador. Affordable fashion and genuine friendships are her passion.

*Who We Are:*

We're not just a brand; we're proudly black-owned, woman-owned, and veteran-owned. It's not just a part of our identity; it's the beating heart of Fashionable In Real Life. PERIODT!

**Vision: Your Real-Life Fashion Destination 🌟**

*What We Envision:*
We dream of Fashionable In Real Life being more than just a brand – we want to be your go-to destination. Imagine a place where women easily find stylish, versatile fashions that enhance their real-life moments. Our vision paints a picture of a brand that celebrates trends while keeping that timeless, classic aesthetic we all love.

*As We Grow:*
We're diving headfirst into collabs with influencers and designers. We aim to make waves in the fashion industry, leaving a positive impact that ripples through every seat at every table.

**Mission: Your Confidence, Your Style 🚀**

*What We Aim For:*
Our mission is straightforward but oh-so-powerful – we want to empower you. At Fashionable In Real Life, we're all about curating a diverse collection of high-quality dresses and jumpsuits that cater to every lady out there.

*Our Focus:*
Affordability, accessibility, and pieces that always make an exceptional impression – that's our trinity. We want to inspire you to boldly express yourself through fashion, no matter what's on your schedule.

*Empowerment. Diversity. Accessibility. Expression:*
These aren't just words to us; they're the guiding stars of our mission. We're committed to empowering you, celebrating diversity, ensuring accessibility, and creating a space for self-expression.

Your Style Journey Begins Here 🌈

So whether you're here for the latest trends, the timeless classics, or that unique piece that screams 'you,' Fashionable In Real Life is your runway. This is your invitation to join us on a style journey where every outfit tells a story, and every moment is a chance to shine.

Welcome to Fashionable In Real Life – where your style journey begins, and where the outfits you wear during your real-life experiences take center stage. ✨

Alicia (CEO) & Tyrra (CFO)

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